Glaucoma and Retina laser platform
For SubCyclo, ThermoCyclo, Photocoagulation and TTT

  • Infrared 810nm Wavelength
  • SubLiminal emission mode
  • Enhanced treatment options
  • Easy to use and learn Laser
  • Simple and versatile design
Supra 810



  • 810nm laser cavity
  • Proprietary SubLiminal emission mode
  • Control of the laser settings thanks to the wireless footswitch (optional)

One laser: Two clinical applications

  • Glaucoma: SubCyclo and ThermoCyclo
  • Retina: Photocoagulation and TTT

Easy to use

  • Clinically oriented software
  • Software-guided treatment procedures

Simple and versatile design 

  • Fully portable
  • Perfefctly sied for use in operating room and doctor's office
  • Compatible with various delivery systems: Slit Lamp, Microscope, LIO, SubCyclo and retina-laser probes

Proprietary 810nm SubLiminal emission mode

Composed of a train of extremely short microsecond pulses of which the duration and the intervals are fully adjustable, this subthreshold treatment mode allows a precise management of the thermal effect on the targeted tissues.

The use of this subthreshold emission mode is the cornerstone of the new SubCyclo glaucoma laser therapy.




Supra 810 provides an intuitive and versatile user interface simplifying glaucoma and retina laser treatments. 

Buils in a clinically oriented manner, it features 4 different software guided procedures.

Delivery Systems

Slit Lamp Adapter

Haag-Streit & Zeiss

Haag Streit & Zeiss Slit Lamp Adapter

Straight & Curved Probes

20G, 23G and 25G

Straight probes Curved probes
Available in 20G, 23G and 25G sizes Available in 20G sizes
• Used for a direct access to treatment site
• Optimized handpiece for an ideal probe handover
• Compatible with a wide range of laser’s connectors
• 3 years expiration dates
• Used for the treatment of the peripheral retina
• Optimized handpiece for an ideal probe handover
• Compatible with a wide range of laser’s connectors
• 3 years expiration dates

                  For more information visit our laser probes page     STRAIGHT & CURVED

Flexible curved probes

23G, 25G

Available in 23G and 25G sizes
• Wide curvature angle (45°) for an easy access
  to the peripheral retina
• Flexible needle (memory shape effect) for a perfect
  compatibility with trocar cannulas
• 3 years expiration date
           • One piece needle design ensuring a safe probe
              insertion (no steps)
           • Optimized hand pieces for an ideal probes handover
           • Compatible with a wide range of laser’s connectors


                  For more information visit our laser probes page     FLEXIBLE CURVED

Steerable Probes

23G and 25G

Available in 23G and 25G sizes
• Exclusive design: Pressure-controlled curvature
  from the handpiece
• Adjustable curvature angle (0 - 90°) for a full
  coverage of the peripheral retina
• 360° rotatable handle for an ideal probes handover
           • Trocar cannulas compatible
           • Returns is straight position when releasing the
             handle for a safe needle withdrawn
           • Compatible with a wide range of laser’s connectors
           • 3 years expiration dates

                     For more information visit our laser probes page      STEERABLE

Heine Omega 500 Integrated LIO

Integrated laser delivery system

Laser Indirect Ophthalmoscope Heine Omega 500
with Integrated Adaptor 810nm (fiber size: 100μ)

Adaptor for Keeler Vantage Plus LIO

Adaptable laser delivery system

810nm Adaptor for KEELER VANTAGE PLUS
IndirectOphthalmoscope (fiber size :100μ)

Operating Microscope Laser Adapter

Zeiss & Leica

Operating microscope 810nm laser adaptor
designed to treat patients in lying position.


Permanent and Push Pull filters (810nm)

For Zeiss & Leica Operating Microscopes

Fixed abd push-pull filters for ZEISS, LEICA (WILD), MOLLER WEDEL and TOPCON type microscopes.

Operating Microscope Quad filter (810nm)

Leica M844


  • Double optical way filter protecting
  • Dedicated to LEICA M844 Microscope


SubLiminal Subthreshold Cyclophotocoagulation

SubCyclo probe

  • No Footplate Design for an accurate probe placement
  • Tip of the probe featuring a glass ball for a smooth sweeping motion
  • Versatility : One probe = 2 procedures (SubCyclo and ThermoCyclo procedures)


Gentle Footswitch

Gentle Footswitch

Elbow Rest

Elbow Rest

More Accessories

810 nm protective goggles
Printer Supra
Carrying case for SUPRA Laser


Supra Range - 810 nm Wavelength

  Supra 810nm
                  Laser source: Solide State Technology
  Wavelength: 810nm
  Power at tissue up to:              3W
  Pulse duration: 0.01 s to continuous
  Aiming beam: 635 - 650 nm
  Repeat interval: 0.1 - 0.2 - 0.3 - 0.5 - 0.7 s
  Emission modes: Single, reapeat, continuous, painting SubLiminalTM mode (duty cycle from 5% to 35%)
  Size: 14.5 (H) x 33 (L) x 30.7 (P) cm
4.79" (H) x 10.83" (W) x 10.07" (D)
  Weight: 9.5 kg - 21 lbs
  Cooling: by Peltier effect
  Power requirements: 100 to 240 VAC, 350 VA, 50/60 Hz

Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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