SubLiminal Cyclophotocoagulation

  • Glaucoma treatment
  • SubLiminal technology
  • Guided treatment procedure


SubLiminal Cyclophotocoagulation

SubCyclo is a new nondestructive laser procedure for the treatment of glaucoma.

Based on the transcleral cyclophotocoagulation principle, it relies on the 810nm SubLiminal stimulation of the ciliary body, producing the aqueous humour, and the uveoscleral pathway, secondary route of the aqueous outflow.

This procedure can be performed thanks to the combined use of the Quantel Medical Supra 810 laser and the Quantel Medical SubCyclo probe.

Tip of the probe positioned at 3mm posterior to the limbus.
Probe perpendicualr to the eyeball.

Laser treatment delivered by moving the tip of the probe in a continuous sliding motion:

  • from 9:30 to 2:30 (superior quadrant)
  • from 3:30 to 8:30 (inferior quadrant)

Supra 810 - Subliminal Technology

Composed of a train of extremely short microsecond pulses of which the duration and the intervals are fully adjustable, this subthreshold treatment mode allows a precise management of the thermal effect on the targeted tissues and preserves the structures of the ciliary body.

SubCyclo Laser Probe

Unique design:

The SubCyclo laser probe features a unique needle design allowing a perfect and accurate probe positioning during the treatment which can be enhanced thanks to ultrasound biomicroscopy or transillumination techniques. The tip of the needle also features a glass ball ensuring an easy and confortable sweeping motion.

One single laser probe: Two glaucoma treatments

Quantel Medical SubCyclo laser probe can be used for both SubLiminal and Thermal treatment procedures.



Published on 03 May 2018 / SubCyclo: SubLiminal subthreshold photocoagulation for glaucoma treatment

Quantel Medical launched its new SubCyclo TM laser procedure, a safe and effective 810nm subthreshold laser procedure for the treatment of primary open angle gl

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